About Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is likely to be the biggest and most complex financial transaction a person will make in their lifetime. A trusted real estate professional is a strong advocate who understands the proper steps and emotional support that buyers need throughout the process of finding the perfect house. As an expert with local market knowledge, Jamie is well prepared to guide buyers through all the details and potential obstacles that may occur during the purchase process.

Jamie will assist you in searching for the perfect house, choosing the right location, amount of bedrooms needed, how many levels, complete to square footabe and bathrooms. By spending quality time and specific searches through the local MLS systems will save wasted time for buyers. Then she will assist you in making the proper offer on the home you choose to. Going through all the neogtiations and finalizing the agreement. Assisting you to find professional home inspectors and making sure your new home is as perfect as you wish it to be.

Buying Guide

Whether it’s your first home or your third, the homebuying process can be daunting. Not only does the housing market change from week to week, but the process of searching for a house, making an offer and working toward closing also changes.

For any homebuyer, you first need to account for your current financial situation, needs in a new home and what features and amenities you hope to have in your new home. Before you start touring houses, request any information on the local real estate market to get a better view of what’s available and within your budget.

  • Getting Pre Qualified
  • Searching Properties
  • Making an Offer
  • Home Inspections
  • Closing Day!


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